How to Protect Master Files from Data Corruption?

The need for protecting master files from data corruption is obvious: a survey of the fund and fixing the state of documents allows us to timely identify the damage, adjust the conditions for storing and using the document.

What Do Master Files Reflex?

As practice shows, master files reflect a variety of information about a document, but they do not always have a place to describe its condition. At the same time, the state of the document, its preservation at the time of the description, and the corrections made to this point of the passport in the future are the most important characteristics of the document. This is the information of the state (safety) of the document, which reflects the existing damage or their absence.

The existence of significant intangible assets in the company gives it the opportunity to “extend” these assets to the acquired company. For example, a high-quality customer base of a buying company during the implementation of a transaction is combined and “spread” to the target company, thus enabling the buying company to receive additional benefits. This effect should be especially noticeable in the implementation of international transactions.

All solution providers and consulting companies will be happy to offer work to identify and detail business problems and goals. The corresponding service, which can be called “pre-project survey”, “task setting”, “development of a feasibility study”, is included in the list of capabilities of any CRM supplier. However, you cannot completely trust third-party consultants in these matters. “Independent” consultants (that is, companies that do not provide services for the implementation of specific systems) in their assessments will be as divorced from the real capabilities of modern systems as you are. “Dependent” consultants will focus primarily on the capabilities of their own promoted automation systems.

The Best Way to Protect Master Files from Data Corruption

The best way to protect your master files from data corruption is to use data room service because it provides with:

  • Reduction of incidents related to leakage and compromise of company data;
  • Saving storage resources through the use of data deduplication;
  • Reducing the cost of investigating incidents – the history of the work of each employee with each individual document is stored;
  • Reduction of external and internal network traffic – email attachments are automatically converted into safe links;
  • Minimizing the cost of creating, configuring, and maintaining a distributed infrastructure;
  • Availability of services for a wide range of users;
  • Management of access to company data, wherever they are (DRM). Ability to revoke previously granted rights;
  • Bypass restrictions on the size of mail attachments. Significant reduction in file size;
  • Wide possibilities of integration with DLP solutions to provide additional levels of data protection (ICAP support);
  • A single web interface for managing all the features: Data backup, data protection on mobile devices, joint work with documents.

The reasons for the growing popularity of protecting master files are understandable: the possibilities of their application are very diverse and allow you to save both on maintenance and personnel, as well as on infrastructure. Hardware can be greatly simplified when processing data and storing information in remote data centers. All these problems are almost entirely passed on to the service provider. It is assumed that if a buying company enters a market that is less developed than its own, it will have opportunities for greater growth. In the studies reviewed, the proxy variable for this indicator was either the fact that a company from a developed market.